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Within the United States the State of Hawaii is one of the most desirable travel destinations due to its breathtaking views, exciting culture, and various activities that are offered. One of the main reasons is that Hawaii provides its visitors with an environment that is isolated from their hectic everyday lives; they are able to enjoy a relaxing vacation on the islands of Hawaii.

The islands of Hawaii saw its first inhabitants in 500 AD. The inhabitants were not there for a vacation, they were Polynesians who came from the islands of Marquesas. They had been wandering trying to find a new beginning on some new land. Five hundred years later after the Polynesians came across the islands of Hawaii so did the Tahitians. Throughout the entire time of the 13th century thousands of Tahitian immigrants endured the long journey traveling across the Pacific Ocean until they finally reached the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

Captain James Cook who was a famous British explorer came to the islands in 1778. The land had not yet been charted so he gave it the name Sandwich Islands. He chose this name in order to honor the Earl of Sandwich. When Captain Cook first arrived on the islands the natives looked at him as a God, but his life ended abruptly on the Big Island where he was stabbed. Soon after the death of Captain Cook the island was taken over by King Kamehameha the Great. King Kamehameha created a monarch and also brought all of the islands together and formed one kingdom. Kamehameha began to trade with the western ships which allowed Hawaii’s bounty to flourish. Within the early part of the 1800s whaling ships begin to anchor themselves to the Hawaiian ports. The Hawaiian Islands had become over time ground zero for the entire Pacific Ocean whaling industry.

Along with them bringing new money to the islands they also brought with them various social values and diseases. Christian missionaries brought to the islands the introduction to a new religion and social morals that were a lot stricter than what the natives where custom to.

Hawaii established there sugar industry in the middle of the 1800s. By this time many of the original natives had died and the ones who remained refused to do manual labor. Due to this the owners of the plantations hired foreign workers that came from China, Japan, and some who came from the Philippines. The sugar industry became incredibly successful and they needed to obtain sanctuary from outsiders who were incredibly greedy. As a result they looked at the United States for protection. Hawaii and the United States negotiated for many years before they finally came to an agreement and signed a treaty.

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