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The most obvious reason is that it is a place that promotes relaxation and a way to finally get to enjoy yourself during your retirement. However, looking at this question through a real estate perspective, the retail market in Hawaii is one that is booming and will only continue to grow. There are new projects being built everyday, low interest rates are attracting buyers, and the population is continuing to increase. Because of this the housing market is one that people will find to be stiff among those bids for a certain house, just because everyone is so attracted to the area. So investing in a home in Hawaii, is a great financial decision to make as you will always know that someone would be interested in renting it due to the population becoming larger.

Those houses that are being built are not making a dent into the demand for houses, due to the harsh rules that are in place for homes being built. Which means that if you are lucky enough to get a home that you can retire in, but rent out for the time being that you can be earning more than what you are paying due to the low interest rates and high demand.

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